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Crochet 4 Me blog hop | A collection of patterns just for you

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Welcome to the former page of the Crochet 4 Me design event! These 15 beautiful designs were collected in one place with you in mind.

We crocheters are a giving bunch, aren’t we? If you’re like me, you spend months planning what you’ll be making for Christmas gifts. Once those gifts are chosen, you take time to carefully choose the perfect yarn. Most of the time I use this time as an opportunity to create new designs.

The holiday gift-giving and making season, often taking 6 months of planning and making, is exhilarating. But, when the gifts are given and everyone happily has their handmade gifts, I can feel pretty exhausted and let down.

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I love January because it’s a chance for me to start new projects, especially ones for ME. That’s why I’ve created this unique and special event for you. Because you deserve to treat yourself, too!

Crochet 4 Me Design Event participants

For this event, I teamed up with 14 of my favorite crochet designers. During the 2 week event, they shared some of their special designs. I’ve kept them on this page because I believe you’ll find this an essential resource for treating yourself to some self care.

If you’d like to get a jump on the 15 featured designs, I’ve put together a special eBook that includes beautifully formatted PDFs of each design. Available now through January 25th, you can purchase your eBook for just $11.99. Fill out the form below to get yours before time runs out!

How does a typical blog hop work?

For a specified date range, in this case January 10th through January 24th, a new designer and crochet pattern is featured.

On the designer’s feature day, her pattern PDF is available for a 50% discount or in some instances offered for Free. The discount code will be listed next to the pattern and a link will be provided for you to visit the designer and use the discount code.

The discount code is usually only good for 24 hrs so there’s a sense of urgency in grabbing the PDF. It’s also exciting to see a new design appear on the event post each day.

What designs will you find in the Crochet 4 Me roundup?

All of the designs included here give you a sense of comfort in some form. Maybe it’s wrapping yourself in a cozy shawl or blanket. Perhaps you love to soak in the tub with some beautiful handmade spa items to use. Or, you simply love the making of the project because it gives you pleasure and calm.

Whatever the reason, you’ll find something in this list that peaks your interest. While the blog hop is over, you’ll still be able to grab any of these beautiful designs just by clicking the link below each description.

While January may be “Crochet 4 Me” month, any day of the year is a great time to treat yourself to some beautiful crochet handmade!

Let’s get started!

The Library Book Shawl by MadameStitch

Snuggle up in your comfiest chair with a good book and the Library Book Shawl wrapped around your shoulders. What a perfect way to recharge after a long day.

Click here

Picture of Boho Indulgence Bag

The Boho Bristol Bag by Crochetastic Designs

The Boho Bristol Bag is a beginner friendly modern handbag designed to keep all your items together in a stylish way! Going on a walk? Visiting your local farm market? Going out for the evening? The Boho Bristol Bag is available in 3 different sizes making it perfect for every occasion!

Click here

Cobblestone Path Cowl by Made by Gootie

Get cozy and elegant with this quick and easy cowl pattern. Using the Mini Bean stitch to create a unique texture, this cowl will suit any outfit!

Click here

Boho Indulgence Scarf by Valzies Boutique

Immerse yourself into crafting this intricate scarf with beautiful shell motifs. With a set of 8 repetitive rows, this scarf is the perfect project for mindful and meditative crocheting.

Click here

Midnight Walk Ponchette by Blue Star Crochet

Make this super cosy ponchette that will keep your shoulders warm during the walks in fresh air. Relaxing stitch pattern is easy to memorise while you sit back with your favourite craft. The pattern is adjustable for many sizes and fits to make a ponchette to your liking!

Click here

Cozy Comfort Blanket by Pam’s Cozy Corner

Get warm and cozy with this beautiful easy-to-make textured blanket! It’s so comfy you won’t want to take it off!

Click here

Unforgettable Scarf and Beanies Set by Lakeview Cottage Kids

A beautiful crochet hat and scarf set for a beautiful you!!

Click here

Secret Joy Throw Pillow by Stardust Gold Crochet

A perfectly easy crochet throw pillow home decor pattern.

Click here

CrissCross Chunky Beanie by SASSy Angie’s Specialty Shoppe

The CrissCross Chunky Beanie has a luxurious look and is sure to keep you super warm and cozy! Grab your favorite #5 yarn and whip up one of these beautiful beanies in under an hour.

Click here

The Susan Set by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

Whether you are just pampering yourself at home, your other half has run you a bubble bath after a long week or you are going away for the weekend, why not treat yourself with the gorgeous Susan Set. Pattern includes the hand towel, washcloth and face scrubbies so they take up little room in your overnight bag! Make it with cotton for durability and strength and it will last for years to come!

Click here

Fluorite Capelet by Yarn Andy

Make an elegant Tunisian crochet capelet for yourself and use it for a chilly spring or autumn wedding, worked up in luxurious alpaca, or make a hard-wearing capelet out of rough wool to keep you warm on your forest adventures.

Click here

Winter Bloom Earrings by Bliss This

What better way to make yourself feel fantastic than by creating a quick and easy pair of earrings to accessorize your winter wardrobe? The Winter Bloom Earring pattern can be worked in a single color or with an accent color to add a POP of color! In just minutes, you can make a pair of earrings for yourself!

Click here

Woven Winter Blanket by Straight Hooked

Cozy up with the Woven Winter Blanket. This pattern is easy to follow and makes for a great “mindless” project once you get rolling. The finished texture is so warm and comfortable, you won’t want to share your Woven Winter Blanket with anyone else!

Click here

My Leandra Shawl by Crochet with Frankie Kate

My Leandra is a beautiful project to treat yourself with! It’s textured of
course, wearable and cozy but still easy to make! A project, not only for the experienced crocheters, but for you, who are just starting and learning the stitches, too, giving you a chance to gain even more confidence!

Click here

Sweet Honeycomb Coasters by Kelso Crafts

Grab some 100 percent cotton yarn in your favorite color and make yourself a set of fun Tunisian crochet coasters! Make a few sets and you can enjoy your beautiful creations in every room of your house! That’s what I do!

Click here

Crochet 4 Me blog hop | A collection of patterns just for you via @madamestitch

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