Wattle stitch washcloth free pattern by MadameStitch
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The Wattle Stitch Crochet Washcloth free pattern

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The Wattle Stitch Washcloth is another crochet free pattern in the MadameStitch Yarn Stash series. Includes written instructions and a photo tutorial.

Wattle Stitch Washcloth | Free crochet pattern by MadameStitch

Still dealing with your yarn stash?  Why not make a washcloth (or a bunch) with this free pattern to brighten up your kitchen or bathroom?!  Handmade washcloths make the most luxurious addition to your linen closet and become the workhorse of your kitchen.  You’ll want to add it to your reusable, sustainable, save-the-planet arsenal!

This pattern was created as a teaching tool for the crochet class I used to teach at my LYS.  I wanted to challenge my class to learn new stitch patterns using basic stitches.  And, because my LYS was HUGE into washcloth kits, it was the logical project to choose.

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I love to learn new stitches and explore all the textures and designs that crochet has to offer.  I’ve used the wattle stitch  not only in washcloths but also in a beautiful infinity scarf.  I love the drape and hang of this stitch when it’s paired with a gorgeous yarn!

Picture of wattle stitch swatch and yarn

The wattle stitch

The stitch pattern is simple to work (sc, ch 1, dc) and repeated throughout, making it a beginner-friendly stitch to work with.  It creates a dense, sturdy texture, perfect for a multi-use washcloth like this one.  I love the wattle stitch because it so closely resembles on of my favorite stitches – the V-stitch.  However, the wattle stitch sits on its side, creating an interesting visual effect.

Why you should make the Wattle Stitch Washcloth

  • It’s beginner friendly.
  • The size of the washcloth is easy to adjust.
  • It’s a reusable, sustainable resource (save the planet).
  • You’ll learn a new stitch pattern with a quick and easy project.

The Wattle Stitch Crochet Washcloth | Free pattern by MadameStitch

Gather your materials and tools

Yarn: You’ll need approx. 2.5oz of any worsted weight cotton yarn.  I’ve used Plymouth Yarn “Fantasy Naturalle”, Universal Yarn “cotton supreme”, and Lily “Sugar n Cream”, all with great success.

Hook: For mercerized cotton, I recommend US size H-8 (5mm).  Mercerized cotton doesn’t stretch and is rather stiff so the smaller hook gives you a firmer texture.  For non-mercerized cotton, I recommend US size I-9 (5.5mm).  As always, choose the hook that gets you the desired results.


Finished size: Approx. 8-8.5″ square.  The washcloth size is easily adjusted smaller or bigger by changing the number of chains you start with.  Just be sure you have a multiple of 3 to make the stitch pattern work.

Gauge:  Approx. 6 st groups x 10 rows = 4″.  I used mercerized cotton and the H hook for this gauge.

The Wattle Stitch Crochet Washcloth | Free pattern by MadameStitch


ch – chain; dc – double crochet; rep – repeat; sc – single crochet; sk – skip; sp – space; st(s) – stitch(es)

Pattern Instructions

Ch 33.  (Multiple of 3)

Row 1: (Sc, ch 1, dc) in 3rd ch from hook, sk 2 ch, * (sc, ch 1, dc) in next ch, sk 2 ch; rep from * across, sc in last ch; turn. (11 st groups)

Row 2:  Ch 1 loosely (counts as sc), (sc, ch 1, dc) in 1st ch-1 sp and in each ch-1 sp across, sc in turning ch; turn.

Rep row 2 until piece measures 8” (or the same height as the width of your piece).  Do not fasten off.


Row 1:  With right side facing, turn piece 90o to work along the side, ch 1, work approx. 31-33 sc evenly spaced along each side, work 3 sc at each corner.

Optional: Add a second row if you wish, working 1 sc in each st around, 3 sc in each corner.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Wattle Stitch photo tutorial

If you’d like to practice before you start the washcloth, head over to my quick photo tutorial of the Wattle Stitch. You can practice with the yarn you plan to use for this washcloth or find any worsted weight (cotton or acrylic) in your stash.

how to crochet the wattle stitch | Photo tutorial by MadameStitch

Where can I get the ad-free PDF of the Wattle Stitch Washcloth?

The Wattle Stitch Crochet Washcloth free pattern via @madamestitch

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